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Questions and Answers

At the Catalyst Awards ceremony, the audience had the chance to ask the authors questions. Some people aimed at all the authors, while others were more specific about particular novels. Unfortunately, we didn’t have enough time to ask every question at the Awards, but Garry, Helena, Simon and Theresa have taken the time to provide […]

Simon Morden Q & A

What book are you reading just now? (Amy) Because I try not to read fiction while I’m writing, I get through quite a lot of non-fiction stuff. I’ve just started ‘Planet Narnia’ by Michael Ward, which is his attempt to work out whether C.S. Lewis had an over-arching theme that unites the seven Narnia books. […]

Theresa Breslin Q&A

What book are you reading just now? (Amy) I’m reading Spider by Linda Strachan – very exciting! How did you start writing your book? (Sara) I usually use a pencil and notepad for first notes and just scribble words and phrases that come into my head. Where did you get your initial ideas? (Sarah, Sophie, […]

Helena Pielichaty – Q&A

Many thanks to Helena Pielichaty for sending us these replies to our audience’s questions. What book are you reading just now? (Amy Herbert, St Ambrose HS) Skulduggery Pleasant by Derek Landy. Funnily enough I picked it up at one of the libraries I visited during the Catalyst Book Awards. I began reading it in the […]