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Zenith by Julie Bertagna

Julie Bertagna

Young Picador

Alan Cunningham, Coatbridge High School

Sci-fi and Fantasy

What’s the story?
It is very hard to explain the story of this book without wasting anything. You see, it is a sequel to “Exodus”.

In the first book, a girl called Mara took her drowning Island to New Mungo, a New World City built in the sky, only to find it is NOT the place for them. This is about their journey to Greenland, floating somewhere in the Arctic Circle. It is set in the year 2100 when the world is drowning due to global warming.

There is also Tuck, who lives in a City of Ships and eventually gets tied up with Mara in Greenland. Deep in the netherworld beneath New Mungo, Fox, Mara’s loved one, plots a revolution against his own city.

Themes and Issues
The main issue is global warming. Mara is shocked that the people of the past (us) knew about global warming but did nothing to stop it!

Is it for me?
It is a bit different than your average fantasy – it is set in the future. But when you pick it up, don’t expect a sci-fi thriller either – it is more fantasy. But overall, it is a very good read. I am not sure if there will be another sequel as it has a confusing ending, but I won’t waste it. So read “Exodus” and then read “Zenith”. It will be worth your while.

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