Witchfinder: dawn of the demontide by William Hussey

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An Ancient Evil Walks Again

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The Witchfinder Tour in Scotland

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3 comments on “Witchfinder: dawn of the demontide by William Hussey

  1. This is not normally what I would choose to read, as it is a bit too far-fetched for me. However, I did begin to enjoy the book more as secrets were revealed. The main character, Jake is very mature and I liked his intelligent and brave approach to the situation he finds himself in. Some gory bits for those who like that sort of thing.

  2. I quite enjoyed this book. It pickes up themes of love, betrayal and friendship with magic and makes them feel more real than any harry potter I’ve read – and thats saying something. I loved the way the story twisted and turned throughout as the web of deception untangled. Its a great read for anyone who might like something a little out of the ordinary. Not one for the squimish or faint hearted…so be warned!

  3. Please note that this review contains spoliers

    Over the past few months I have been reading a book which has been nominated for the Catalyst Book Awards. The book is called “Witchfinder” by Michael Humphrey. I thought it was quite a scary book about the end of the world, blood thirsty demons and horribly cruel witches.

    The book is about a boy called Jake Harker and his adventure to save the world from demons that come from another dimension. After two or three encounters with the demons unfortunately Jakes mother is killed trying to protect him and his father is abducted by strange men from the horroban institute which is a large building where strange things happen. Traveling all on his own all Jake know is that his father was helping to build a weapon that would stop the demons coming through a portal into this world and that he needed to find it and use it to destroy the door way and the hordes of flesh eating demons that are on the other side. My favorite character is probably Jake, Eddie and Sydney. Jake because half way through the book Jake finds out that if he can channel all energy into what he is thinking he can fly or battle a demon. At the end of the book you find out that Jake is the weapon that was created by his father and mother and he is expected to destroy the portal and stop the demons.

    I think one of the key incidents in this book is at the end where Jake and Crowden have an ultimate battle to the death, where Jake is swimming away from guards and when he gives up and is almost dead he uses magic to soar into the sky. I think that the story is set in England because in one of the chapters in the book it is about them flying through London to get away from all the demons. In the last couple of chapters they are in a town at the coast. My favorite part in the book is when Jake infiltrates the mansion where his dad is being kept and almost dies getting in the mansion by two guard dogs. Eventually finding his dad just so he could find out that he had been doped and was too drowsy to get out bed. So Jake had made that pointless journey to get to his dad.
    I thought overall that the book was very and I enjoyed reading it. I would recommend it to my age group because I think that anyone younger than me might have a hard time understanding it.

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