Where I belong by Gillian Cross

Publishers’ blurb

There are guns and bandits in this story.

And supermodels.

And there’s drought and starvation too.

Are you wondering how they can all come together? Well, that’s how life is these days. Things don’t happen neatly, in separate little places. We’re all caught by the great spider’s web of media that spans the world.

That’s where this story is set. The world. It’s the story of Abdi and Khadija and Freya (that’s me) and what happened to us because of Somalia . . .

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14 comments on “Where I belong by Gillian Cross

  1. I really enjoyed this book – so much so that I read it in one night! Once I started reading I found I was hooked. This is not another girlie book about the fashion world, this is a story of friendship, family, betrayal and survival.
    With kidnapping and guns, its not just a book for girls either.

  2. I had to read this for a school topic, but i still really enjoyed it. i thought it was really interesting that so many different ideas were in the same book. i encourage any1 girl or boy to read it. it is a really good book

  3. So far it’s perfectly average.

  4. I still think that the book is okay so far
    But I have spotted a spelling mistake

  5. I was absorbed from page 1. The characters come together very fluidly, and I thought the writer did well to describe the psychological effects of the career hungry mother on her daughter. It’s probably a contender-trouble is although it’s something boys could get into it’s definitely marketed to female audiences. It was also very interesting to learn about Somalia, its culture and traditions, as well as the brutality it has had to endure.

  6. I thought this book was very good ,I couldn’t out it down and it was gripping . The plot is very good and well worked out and all the characters are very well described. I like how it shows all the characters point of view. Overall i give this book a 10 out of 10 it was very enjoyable !

  7. “where i belong” by gillian cross is a great story about fashion, friendship, betrayal, and somalia. i like how the chapters are set into the characters point of view and how the characters all link together. i was absorbed. i finished the book quite quickly. i was gripped from page 1. it was an amazing book, one of the best i have read in a long time. i would read it again.

  8. I really enjoyed this book . I liked how all the chapters were from a different peoples points of view and the characters were well thought out. The plot was very exciting and I thought that it was well thought out. Overall I would say that this book is very interesting, enjoyable and exciting. I would rate this book 10 out of 10.

  9. Gillian Cross definitely deserved the carnegie medal award for this book as it’s absolutely outstanding and well written. The contrast she used between two completely different lives was excellent and had me hooked all the way. It was a little difficult to get into because she started with the worlds apart but then when the worlds collided the book drew me closer by every sentence. It was an extremely realistic book and showed us that one world may be a fairytale and another may be living hell! I’ve got to say a big well done to Gillian for such a fantastic book and I would definitely recommend it.

  10. Where I Belong ~ There are guns and bandits in this story. and supermodels. and there’s drought and starvation too.

    Where I Belong, is a brilliant book, i found myself reading it instead of other more important homework as it was just too good to put down. Once you start you cant stop.

    Gillian Cross has successfully put three characters together that you would never expect to see anywhere else as they would not work in any other plot.

    I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would love to read “calling a man dead” also by Gillian Cross

    Nicole H
    Clyde Valley High

  11. This book exeeded my expectations, but I suppose that’s why it’s on the shortlist. I was curious to discover how the relationship between Khadija and Abdi and his family, and was really comforted (if that’s the correct word) at how it developed. What I didn’t understand was why Khadija’s real name was so well-known. It made sense that the name Qarsoon was but not her real name, which we weren’t even told. However, overall, I really enjoyed this book; it deserved to make the shortlist.

  12. This is a book I really enjoyed. I found it really easy to get in to it. It’s based on a girl who had to move to England to move in with anoher family for a better education. The ending was surprising, even though I kind of guessed part of the ending anyway.

  13. I only got round to reading this title after it made the shortlist – I think it certainly deserves to be here along with the other 3 titles. I quite enjoyed the little twist in the tale (but being an avid thriller reader I had already worked it out). Definitely not just a story for girls, the main characters are quite evenly split between male and female and none of the female characters are girly girls. I think the author did a good job of comparing the world of high fashion to the poverty of life in Somalia. I’d definitely recommend this title.

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