The ant colony by Jenny Valentine

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Sam, a teenager, has left his home in the remote countryside to seek anonymity in London. Bohemia keeps her alcohol and drug dependent mother out of major trouble as she drifts between boyfriends. Isabel, old and apparently confused, actually oversees the lives of all those living in the run-down flats, and befriends both young people. Sam and Bo reveal their pasts in alternate chapters, each gradually facing the dysfunctional relationships and traumatic incidents which have triggered their current unlikely friendship. Funny, shocking and gripping, this thought-provoking novel addresses many issues in society.

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5 comments on “The ant colony by Jenny Valentine

  1. Title: The Ant Colony.
    Author: Jenny Valentine.
    School Name: Greenfaulds High school.
    Genre: Like-Life.

    This book is about a boy called Sam who has ran away from home in the country and has now moved to the city. He has found a job at the supermarket, stacking shelves because he doesn’t want to end up in the streets. He wants to be left alone. In the upstairs flat he has a neighbor called Bo who is 10 and doesn’t go to school much but he mum doesn’t really care. Bo is a girl who doesn’t like to be left alone and is the complete opposite of Sam. Bo plans to make friends with Sam but Sam doesn’t like it.

    I liked this book and i thought it was a good book to read and would recommend it.

    • This book is special as it has a double plot. Sam is trying to escape from a mysterious past in London whilst Bohemia is just starting a new life in London. Both characters have secrets which come to light before long.
      The novel teaches that running away from your problems won’t solve them, that they will be waiting on you when you return.
      Personally I loved this book. I thought the concept of the double plot was very clever and the twists were unforseeable and exciting. I couldn’t put it down. I can’t wait to read more books by Jenny Valentine

  2. The book the Ant Colony is about a boy named Sam and a girl named bohemia. Sam has made a few mistakes in his past and instead of trying to fix everything he ran way. Bohemia is constantly moving house because her mum always gets into trouble.

    Sam is a 17 year old boy, he’s very quiet and keeps himself to himself. Bohemia is a 9 year old girl who wants to know everything. She wants to be friends with Sam, but he’s not interested.

    I liked the tension building up to Sam’s secret!

    I would recommend this book for the Catalyst Shortlist.

  3. I really loved this book !!
    I found it interesting as it has a double plot which is quite unusual,
    I also liked that the author didn’t reveal Sam’s secret until really
    near the end of the book so the excitement really builds up .
    I would recommend this book to anyone and look forward to
    reading more by this author

  4. Really loved how it had a double plot, which is unusual in books. I liked how the author didnt reveal Sam’s secret untill the end. :)!

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