Creature of the night by Kate Thomson

Publishers’ blurb

Told through the voice of 14-year-old Bobby, the novel transports the reader into the tearaway’s world, characterised by joyriding, alcohol, and drugs. Bobby has no intention of letting his move to the countryside halt his destructive lifestyle, however the longer he remains in the cottage the more preoccupied he becomes with the peculiar nocturnal occurrences which both intrigue and terrify him.  What was that staring through the dog-flap in the middle of the night?  Far from a simple tale of the supernatural, Creatures of the night is a highly original piece of writing which combines a compelling tale with a timeless theme.

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7 comments on “Creature of the night by Kate Thomson

  1. Book Title: Creature of the Night
    School Name: Greenfaulds High School
    Genres: crime/life-like/fantasy

    What The Story Is About:
    The story is about a boy called Bobby who lives in Dublin. His mum wants to take him and his little brother to the countryside to escape moneylenders and Bobby’s gangster friends hoping to start afresh. While trying to escape, Bobby damages the last tenant’s car, so to pay it off, he has to work for the landlord PJ Dooley. As the weeks go by, his younger brother forms a friendship with the mysterious little woman who lives down a badger hole. Bobby then discovers that she murdered the last tenant, and so the family returns to Dublin again to escape.

    Themes and Issues:
    ~Troubled Teenagers
    ~Drugs and Crime

    Is It For Me?:
    I wouldn’t read this book again as I don’t really like books to do with gangster/crime. I thought it was a good book though if you like that genre.

  2. I wasn’t impressed with Kate Tompson’s book called creature in the night because it consentrates on one characeter all the way through the whole book and i would prefer if there was a couple of characters

  3. I am currently reading Creature of the Night by Kate Thomson and I’m at the end of the story, I would definately recommend Kate Thomson for the catalyst adwards due to her hard work in writing Creature of the Night. The story tells of a troubled youth who moves to the country with his mum and little brother and he experiences some life changing events, truely brilliant.

  4. The characters are funny throughout the novel but you have to keep up with all the characters.

    In this book ther is a boy called Bobby who lives with his mum and little brother Dennis. He is forced to move away from Dublin and moves to the countryside. Bobby isn’t happy with the house but he then finds car keys and drives back to Dublin. He gets caught and taken to the police station. His friend gets in the car and crashes it. He then comes home and witnesses his little brother talking to a ‘little girl’ that he can’t see. Finally he finds out who killed the little lady that haunts the house.

    I enjoyed the fact it was a teenage book and it relates back to all the characters. I would recommend it for the Catalyst Award.

  5. i really like this book, i found it interesting and couldnt put the book down.
    i liked how it was aimed at my particular age group, this is what made it more interesting. I like how its set in dublin, Everyone should read this.

  6. I really enjoyed this book because i found it very interesting. I enjoyed it was focused on a teenager around my age so i could connect with it, although im not a rebel like Bobby who drinks, smokes and steals cars.

  7. I think this book was really good y’all.

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