The thin executioner by Darren Shan

Publishers’ blurb

A brilliant and brand new story of swords, sand and sorcery from the endless imagination that brought you The Saga of Darren Shan and the Demonata. New characters – same excitement, action and terror…

In a harsh, unforgiving world of slavery and glorified executions, one boy’s humiliation leads him to embark on a perilous quest to the faraway lair of a mysterious god. It is a dark, brutal, nightmarish journey which few have ever survived. But to Jebel Rum, the risk is worth it…

to retrieve his honour…

to win the hand of the girl he loves…

to wield unimaginable power…

and to become…


Further information

Darren Shan’s website

Darren Shan page at Lovereading4kids

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8 comments on “The thin executioner by Darren Shan

  1. This sounds Awsome! Can’t wait to read

  2. If any of you are from my school i.e. Greenfaulds High, please remember to pop “Greenfaulds” in the name box so you can easily be identified! Thanks, Miss Pusram. 🙂

  3. It looks a really good book and so far it has had a really good storyline and plot. It is really good and I like this just as much as the other darren shan books I have read. The story is really gripping and is quite original.

  4. It was a very good book witha great plot and storyline. It had a really good twist in the story and the main character had a really great change of heart in the middle of the book. It was great and was written really well. Great.

  5. This is a really good book that has gripped me from the start. It has a really good plot and characters. I love the idea of it has been set in the medieval ages and I would recommend it to everyone. It is also a very good representative of the Darren Shan collection of horror books.

    • On the whole the book “The Thin Executioner” by Darren Shan has a very confusing plot and strange character names that take a while to get used to.

      The first few chapters are very well written and interesting and the last idea was interesing as well – it was very unusual. The setting of Makhrasis very well described and very realistic. It gives you a very vivid picture in your mind: the mountains, the grassland and the villages.

      However, on the whole I do not like this book and i would not recommend this book to any of my friends and family.

  6. The Book “The Thin Executioner” is a book by the author Darren Shan. It is set in a place called The eastern nations of Makhras.

    The hero is a boy called Jebel who wants to be the executioner but is told he isn’t strong enough. He goes on a journey to find a mysterious god in the mountains. He takes a slave with him and meets many strange people along the way. the names are confusing and hard to remember but it sets a very vivid image in your head of where you are.

    Although i did not really like this book because i could not remember the names. I would recommend this to people who like the medieval ages.

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