Siege by Sarah Mussi

” I don’t care about spiders. They don’t have guns. I can’t leave Ruby locked up in a cupboard.”

mussi_siegePublisher’s blurb

Leah Jackson – in detention. Then armed Year 9s burst in, shooting. She escapes, just. But the new Lock Down system for keeping intruders out is now locking everyone in. She takes to the ceilings and air vents with another student, Anton, and manages to use her mobile to call out to the world. First: survive the gang – the so-called ‘Eternal Knights’.

Second: rescue other kids taken hostage, and one urgently needing medical help.

Outside, parents gather, the army want intelligence, television cameras roll, psychologists give opinions, sociologists rationalise, doctors advise – and they all want a piece of Leah. Soon her phone battery is running out; the SAS want her to reconnoitre the hostage area …

But she is guarding a terrifying conviction. Her brother, Connor, is at the centre of this horror. Is he with the Eternal Knights or just a pawn?

She remembers. All those times Connor reached out for help … If she’d listened, voiced her fears about him earlier, would things be different now? Should she give up her brother?

With only Anton for company, surviving by wits alone, Leah wrestles with the terrible choices …

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3 comments on “Siege by Sarah Mussi

  1. Seige I have completely finished reading in a very short time as it always left me wanting to read further on. I loved that the book was realisitc as Leah often had to fend for herself and survival really was all that counted, which also made me respect Leah when she risked moments to attempt rescuing a few others like Ruby and Aliesha and in the end, the survivors of the school. The moments when she was hurt or running really had me on the edge, feeling like I was there. The twist of the story as Leah got to the big window, pursued by Brandon, made me think as the story developed more and the ending as I read The After Time was truly heart breaking.

  2. Although I have not finished Siege yet I have thoroughly enjoyed it so far. It gives off a great sense of fear and courage, etc, throughout the book. The characters I found to amazing, how gripping it was from Leahs veiw on the situations she was in and how she was coping with the events as they unfolded. The plot I have found to be very very enjoyable and cannot wait to read on further and as it says on the front of the book “Deeply compelling thriller”. Few books have caused goosebumps to appear all over my body and the way that Leah risks her own life to save others made me feel a great respect for her and this shows that even though survival is all that counted, Leah was willing to put her life on the line to save others. I cannot wait to continue on reading.

    Well that’s my view so far anway.

  3. I found that Siege was a compelling book and I finished it in little over two hours. I found the story itself was incredibly gripping and an intriguing commentary on today’s society. The character of Leah was a strong one with many different facets to her personality which made her much more believable as a character. The first person style of writing made the story much more personal to the reader but was initially jarring due to the voice of Leah which was often punctuated with slang which could be difficult to grasp at first. However, I found that this was an enjoyable book and made me think long after I had turned the last page. The situations that Leah was often put in made the book a very thrilling read, meaning that I couldn’t put the book down until it was finished. Despite the strong plot and the compelling message behind it, I felt that the ending was disappointing as I feel it cheated me out of a suitable conclusion. Many threads were left with loose ends and the ending of Leah and Anton was unsatisifying. Despite all of this, I found Siege to be enjoyable and definitely the gripping thriller that it was advertised as.

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