The Returners by Gemma Malley

I can’t close my eyes. Can’t ever close my eyes again. Each blink is torture. Each blink takes me back, falling, into the abyss.

Publishers’ blurb

Will Hodges’ life is a mess! His mother is dead, he has no friends and he thinks he is being followed by a strange group of people who tell him they know him. But Will can’t remember them …at first. And when he does, he doesn’t like what he can remember.

While Will is struggling with unsettling memories, he learns that his past is a lot deeper than many people’s, and he has to find out if he is strong enough to break links with the powerful hold that history has on him.

This compelling novel, set in an alternate future, challenges readers to consider the role we all have to play in making our society, and asks how much we are prepared to stand up for what’s right.

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 Gemma Malley’s website

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Gemma Malley page at Lovereading4kids


5 comments on “The Returners by Gemma Malley

  1. I liked the idea of this novel although the main character, Will, was unconvincing and I found it difficult to warm to him. I felt the novel had an important message about being a responsible member of society and fighting for what you believe in. I think there is another novel on the longlist which looks at history in a much more exciting way.

  2. I agree with Mrs McKenzie, this book has an interesting concept although it takes a long time for anything to happen in the story. I was half way through and still waiting for some action. It is a well written book, however, and a fairly easy read. It did keep me wondering how the story was going to play out though and the plot underlines the fact that everyone has choices to make in order to do the right thing or not.

  3. it is a very good book but I preferred some of the other books that she has written, and think that another book should win.

  4. i think the book is slowly unfolding and revealling more as it goes on. It has a thick plot and is very intruging. It is a well written book and it makes you want to know more. Although i feel as it is hard to relate to the main character Will but i think this author should win. 🙂

  5. I really liked this one. It was profound and I felt sympathy for the main character; I’m telling you, this one’s underrated! 🙂

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