Bad faith by Gillian Philip

Publishers’ blurb

Life’s easy for Cassandra. The privileged daughter of a cleric, she’s been protected from the extremist gangs who enforce the One Church’s will. Her boyfriend Ming is a bad influence, of course, with infidel parents who are constantly in trouble with the religious authorities. But Cass has no intention of letting their different backgrounds drive them apart. Then they stumble across a corpse. Who killed him? How did his body end up in their secret childhood haunt? And is this man’s death connected to other, older murders? As the political atmosphere grows feverish, Cass realises she and Ming face extreme danger.

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Gillian Philip’s website
Interview with Gillian Philip


3 comments on “Bad faith by Gillian Philip

  1. Title- Bad Faith
    School Name- Greenfaulds High

    Crime, Adventure.

    It’s about a girl called Cassandra and she goes into the woods with her boyfriend Ming, but then they find a body who they recognise is the bishop. They decide to hide the body and try and find who did it. As they have their own murder mystery going on Ming is a bad boy and Cassandra sometimes can’t handle him getting into trouble. As they find out who killed the bishop they nearly get killed themselves by getting to close to a nasty group.

    The main themes are friendship, love and hatred in Bad Faith. The issues are when Cassandra fights with her parents then ends up leaving to live with Ming and when Ming and Cassandra find the body and don’t know what to do and how they find out who the murderer is.

    Bad Faith was really hard for me to get into but after a while I started to like it. I didnt like the ending which wasn’t very exciting but it isnt really for me, more to the point I couldnt get into it.

  2. this book is about a girl called cassandra who lived in a extreamly religous country run by Ma baxter, but when she finds out a terrible secrets about her past and finds a body she has to make a decsion weather to stay or find freedom in her country’s neighbour

    i think this book is for people who like reading because its quite confusing till you get into it a litle bit . i think its well worth reading.

  3. bad faith is about a girl called cassandra and her boyfriend ming who find a dead body and they decide to hide it.
    i thought it was quite confusing at the start but then i started to like it

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