Out of shadows by Jason Wallace

Thank you very much for your email, and for letting me know of this great news. I’m always thrilled when I hear my book has been enjoyed, and to reach the attention of any award is tremendous acknowledgement!

– Jason Wallace

Publishers’ blurb

A compelling, thought-provoking novel about race, bullying and the need to belong set in Africa.

Further information

Jason Wallace’s website

Jason Wallace page at Lovereading4kids

Booktrust Scotland review

Books for Keeps review


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3 comments on “Out of shadows by Jason Wallace

  1. A stimulating read that made me become interested in Zimbawean history. It shows just how shockingly brutal racial discrimination was back then. I think Jason Wallace has done a great job of characterisation. The story follows Robert Jacklin, growing up right in front of our eyes – and learning of the inequality in the country of his residence. The suffering. The torment. The murder. “Out of Shadows” is a real contender for the shortlist.


  2. I totally agree with Damon. This is an extremely well written, gripping story from beginning to end. The descriptions of school bullying and racial discrimination are often quite harrowing. This is one case where you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover!

  3. Not a lot of books are written a for teens about post war Zimbabwe, and subsequent rule under Mugabe. For this I applaud the writer. The novel is very well written, and is a true coming of age story for the protagonist Robert Jacklin. The racial divide in the country is told with some power, often using images of brutality to illustrate. I think the writer greatly humanises the characters, and we can even at times sympathise with the “bad guys”. There is always a danger in such scenarios of applying cliches to such individuals, yet Wallace avoids that with skill.

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