The knife of never letting go by Patrick Ness

Publishers’ blurb

Patrick Ness imagines a small town in which women have been banished and only men remain, with Todd being the last boy, about to reach manhood. Due to a virus, everyone can hear each other’s thoughts: ‘Noise’. When Todd discovers a patch of silence he also discovers his first female, Viola, and despite initial mistrust, together they attempt to evade the men who are following Todd. As they flee he discovers much about himself, his family, about friendship and about prejudice.

The first in a series, this enthralling sci-fi/fantasy novel grips readers throughout, presenting them with tough questions about identity, ethics and the nature of truth

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9 comments on “The knife of never letting go by Patrick Ness

  1. Dear patrick ness,

    I thougt that the book “The knife of never letting go” was the best book i’ve ever read and because i don’t read as much as i would like to it was the all time best and for that reason i am voting to put your book on the short list and hopefully you will be one off the ones who wins this year


  2. Patrick Ness. The Knife Of Never Letting Go. Walker Books.

    Its about a boy called Todd who has grown up in Prenntistown believing the stories that he is surrounded by. Everyone has the Noise and everyone can hear everyone elses thoughts, but it only effects the men and it killed all the woman but then he finds a girl called Viola which is impossible. Then Todd finds out that everyone has been lying to him and now he and Viola have to run from the approaching army to Haven. But the preacher from Prenntistown is out to kill Todd and everywhere they turn he is getting closer. Then when the preacher catches up he kiddnaps Viola and Todd follows him to get her back. Once they are back together its a clear road to Haven but when they arrive at Haven its too late and Viola is in trouble.

    I thought that this book was amazing i absolutely loved it. totally unpredictable and i just couldnt put it done, kept getting into trouble at school for always reading it.

  3. Patrick Ness – The Knife Of Never Letting Go
    The best book ever.

  4. The Knife of Never Letting Go
    Patrick Ness

    The genres are adventure and sci-fi.

    A boy lives in a town where all the women have been killed by a germ and because of the germ all men can hear each others thoughts. The boy takes his dog a walk and finds a place where they can’t hear each others thoughts. He tells his adoptive parents and they tell him he has to leave town and fast. When he leaves he finds a girl who doesn’t talk and they embark on a journey together.

    The themes used are friendship and trust.
    I didn’t enjoy the book as it was very confusing when it jumped from people hearing each others thoughts to people actually talking to each other and it isn’t the type of books I am into myself.

  5. In this book there is a boy called Todd. He lives with his cousins Cillian and Ben. The story is set in a small town called Prentisstown. There are no females. Everyone can hear each others thoughts because of a disease that spread and killed all females. Todd is forced to leave his town because people want to kill him. When he leaves he finds a girl. Treir tri[p is challenging but threy get through it.

    I would recommend it to others to read.

  6. This book is absolutely amazing with brilliant twists and cant wait for the next in the series.

  7. really interesting, but alot of death.

  8. How can you say the knife of never letting go is good and you loved it…do you like people dying?????? :O!!
    I loved Manchee he was awesome but (spoiler alert – Admin) :S Aaron is horrible and Im glad (spoiler alert – Admin), I really liked Viola too but (spoiler alert – Admin)! I like books with happy endings (spoiler alert – Admin) 😐 ! I liked the beginning (spoiler alert – Admin)!
    Patrick is a good writer but he really should write more positive books ;p
    Hopefully in the sequel will be more happier !
    From Siobhan .. 🙂 ❤ xxx

  9. The book “Knife Of Never Letting Go” is an interesting and captivating book as it has a lot of issues in it which are in many teenagers lifes right now such as knifes and obeying or disobeying the authorities, The author Patrick Ness has used a complicated way in which the words and spelling of the words are sometime muddled up in a way which can make it hard to understand, more people should try to read this book even though it is quite long.

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