The fix by Sophie McKenzie

Publishers’ blurb

A tense novel about finding the special kind of courage needed to do the right thing in difficult circumstances. Blake is great footballer; playing football is all he wants to do but, with money worries at home, he knows he must do all he can to help his mum to pay the rent. Found trespassing, Blake is offered a way out of trouble by fixing a match. It could be easy money. Blake has to make hard and brave choices.

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5 comments on “The fix by Sophie McKenzie

  1. I will be writing about The Fix by Sophie McKennzie . It is about a boy called Blake and his friend Dan who braek intoa brand new football pitch .Football is Blakes life . But it dosent pay the rent. And if his mum can’t do that,they’re out on the street .A stranger makes him an offer .Miss some goals,earn some cash. Pay the rent . But what if blake dosent fix the match? He could risk losing a lot more than the game …
    The book is thrilling and exciting i loved reading it and i think the book should be put on the shortlist because there are no bad points about the book.

  2. THe fix by Sophie mckenzie in my opinon is an awesome book.Although its quite short the author has managed to include a lot of detail.

    The novel is about a boy called Blake. Football is Blakes life ,he’s the star plyer for his team ‘Holton City Colts’ .Unfortunately for Blake he only plays at a junior level so he doesn’t get payed which doesn’t help when his mum is struggling to pay the rent. See what happens when a stranger offers Blake money to make sure his team lose a match but what happens if he doesn’t fix the match….

  3. The fix was very intersetsing
    i think this book would appeal to people who dont like reading especially boys that like football.
    I think this book shows that we should not be easily tempted to do the wrong thing

  4. “The Fix” was a good read with alot of real life senarios involved. it made you think that this stroy really could be happening somewhere. I’m not a football fan, but I still enjoyed the book, it didn’t have too much technical talk and was suitable for both boys and girls. I felt that i couyld really relate to Blakes character and that the author really loved what he wax writing about, a bit of exitment and football. Can’t go wrong there?

  5. Okay probably no one is going to see this sonce the last comment was in 2010 and we’re in 2015 so yeah the fix was a great book so even through its old read it at your local liabary ! And make sure you read BLOOD TIES AND BLOOD RANSOM also by Sophie Mckenzie!:)

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