The carbon diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd

Publishers’ blurb

This is a novel written in diary form as Laura, a teenager chronicles her life and that of her family as it is in 2015.  It’s edgy, it’s appealing and it’s contemporary and it makes for utterly compelling and frightening reading.  Through the writing you will begin to understand what life is likely to be like in just a few years for a teenager and her family when, in a drastic bid to combat climate change, there is carbon rationing and the threat of almost unstoppable global warming is no longer a threat but actually a reality.  Laced with humour and written with a lightness of touch it is page-turning stuff but with a serious message.

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5 comments on “The carbon diaries 2015 by Saci Lloyd

  1. Title: The Carbon Diaries 2015
    Author: Saci Lloyd

    Laura Brown lives in the U.K. Unfortunately the U.K. is the first country to get carbon rationing. Everyone will be expected to reduce their carbon consumption by 60%. Everyone has 200 Carbon Points per month to spend on travel, heat, food, and fun. The 200 Carbon Points are loaded on a card. In order to use anything, you have to swipe your card. As if it isn’t enough already Laura’s family seems to be falling apart, her band is attempting to stay together, and she is trying to get the boy next door to notice her.

    I would recomend this book is was really good.

  2. Author: saci lloyd Title:Carbon Diarys Publisher:Hodder

    What’s the story?
    the story is about a girl called laura, she is an average teenager with a normal life with school and a family.Then her life gets exciting and strange with a new government plan that was meant to save the earth. This plan totally changes everything in the world, everything gets turned around and everyone is left to fend for their selves against blackouts and storms and if you want electricity you need to pay for it with your special carbon card that resctricts you to so much energy a month.
    The world will never be the same

    What are the themes and issues in the book?
    the issues in this book are about global warming and greed
    the theme is thiller and adventure

    Is it for me?
    i would reccomend this book as it is exciting and you feel like one of the characters, the emotion and chaos they go through
    i seriously reccomend it as you can relate to the character and it is an easy read

  3. The Carbon diaries is a book about a young girl’s life when carbon rationing starts. Laura’s (the main character) life is turned upside down due to carbon rationing. Through various events such as arguing with her sister and her parents splitting up Laura becomes more and more isolated. After a storm the whole family is pulled together again when they are forced to work together to rebuild their lives.

    It is a mediocre book with a good story line. However it does jump about a bit. It doesn’t stay on the same story for long and events jump about a bit.

    The characters in the book are good as the author describes their moods and feelings very well. The author keeps the characters personality the same throughout the book which helps the reader become involved with different characters.

    I would recommend this book to people who enjoy different genres of novels because The Carbon Diaries 2015 has a little bet of everything in it. I would put this book forward to the Catalyst Book Award.

  4. I think this book is quite cool because it shows how much we actually need electricity! Having only 200 points to spend each MONTH would not last. The characters in the book are good as the author describes their moods and feelings very well.

  5. I think that The Carbon Diaries is a book about a young girl called Laura Brown who life is turned around by carbon rationing. During the book Laura spends her time fighting with her sister, complaining about her parents and thinking about boys! The book does have a good storyline however the author never talked about the same thing for long, it jumped about quite a bit.

    Personally i think the book was too far featched and that the ending let the whole story down. I’d recommend this book to someone who likes different stories that may or may not happen in the real world!

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