The Liberators by Philip Womack

A scream rose above the hysteria, but nobody stopped laughing.

Publishers’ blurb

On his first trip to London to stay with his glamorous aunt and uncle for Christmas, Ivo Moncrieff steps off the train and stumbles into a nightmare.

As he is waiting on the tube platform, a stranger thrusts a mysterious object into his hand, desperately muttering some unfamiliar words to him. On-board the tube moments later, the carriage next to Ivo’s is overcome with panic and when they enter the next station the passengers disembark to find that the stranger’s body has been brutally dismembered.

Ivo guesses that perpetrators must want the object, and if they find out he has it, he will be their next target. But the attack on the tube is part of a larger scheme to bring chaos to the heart of London.

As the capital seems in danger of sliding into anarchy, Ivo faces a race against time to break the ancient power of the Liberators, a power that has lain dormant for centuries but now threatens to destroy society itself.

Philip Womack has written a gripping and thought-provoking tale that entertains at the same time as it explores what it means to be human and to be free.

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Philip Womack’s website

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Philip Womack page at Lovereading4kids


5 comments on “The Liberators by Philip Womack

  1. The introduction to the story was really grabbing and intense, instantly getting hooked into the storyline.

  2. The 2nd and 3rd years have been reading the list of books up for the Catalyst Award. I am reading ‘The Liberators’ by Philip Womack. My first impression of this book was it would be really exciting and really good but so it has been strange. It at times has also been really confusing. It has also been quite good. If they explained more about what the mystical stuff was and different cults were it would be a much easier read. I also really like the mystery of it but I would prefer it much more if it was explained more clearly.

    • I have read most of the book but I stilll don’t really understand it so I think I will give up trying to read it just now. If the mystical words were explained more I really think I would have enjoyed it because the characters were realistic and the plot was really good.

  3. This book certainly isn’t the best one on the longlist. It starts quite well for the first hundred or so pages, but it begins to feel like a drag after that. I think the end was just too far-fetched and could’ve done with a bit of reality thrown in there. The only reason I finished it was really just to find out what happened to the characters. It was such a predictable ending – the bad guys die and they all live happily ever after. I just couldn’t believe the whipping that was going on either – not because it was brutal but because that so wouldn’t happen in society today, even by these characters that are presented as monsters. I highly doubt this book will be on the shortlist. Fingers crossed.

  4. This book took me a long time to get through the first hundred pages, it was quite a good book to read. But it isn’t one of the best books I have read.

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