Halo by Zizou Corder

She lay there, finally, panting, weeping, furious, with fish in her hair, cursing Poseidon. Once again, the sea had stolen her and thrown her up into a new life.

Publishers’ blurb

Washed ashore as a baby in ancient Greece, Halo is discovered by a family of centaurs.
Although her true identity remains a mystery, she is loved as one of their own. But when Halo is dragged away by fishermen, her wild adventure begins . . . Halo soon realizes that if she is to survive then she must live in disguise – as a boy. A violent war is threatening to erupt and Halo is at the mercy of the mighty Spartan warriors.
And as she battles to hide her secret, Halo never forgets her quest to find out who she is – and where she really came from.

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23 comments on “Halo by Zizou Corder

  1. I’m not sure if it’s just because of its multiple authors, but “Halo” was just a little ‘jumpy’, and far-fetched, depite it being a fantasy. Halo, herself seems partially unbelievable, and the centaurs just seem very… strange? However, the book had an intersting storyline – a girl kidnapped by her foster family (who are different from her), escapes and sets out to find her parents. But I highly doubt it’ll appear on the shortlist.


    • I disagree 🙂 the whole idea of a fantasy book is to be “far-fetched” and imaginative, not boring and predictive. Also centaurs are meant to be “strange” , they’re half horse 😉

      • I understand, but even in fantasies, there needs to be realistic characters. Not literally, as of course, centaurs don’t exist. But they need to be relatable and understandable in a mental aspect. These characters are not presented to be mentally ill, and so should perhaps be more realistic in that sense.

    • excuse me
      i bet you cant write a better book

      Halo is meant to be far-fetched and centaurs arent that strange

      • Perhaps not, but I’m not an author. I’m a school pupil reviewing a book I read in a book club. That was my thoughts on the book – thanks for respecting them.

  2. So far the book – for me – has been quite interesting. To begin with it was be a little bit weird and even funny at parts, yet it develops into a more intriguing book as you read on, that i’ve found myself enjoying to read.

  3. HALO by Zizou Corder so far has been a very interesting book. Not only does it combine the fantasy element of ancient Greek mythology but historical events that happened at that time. It shows how women were treated as second class citizens in ancient Greece and how many people had to struggle to just survive. So far I think it is a very good book and can’t wait to read more. 🙂

  4. hmm i know this question might sound strange but will there be another book about halo or so…kinda confused …(bytheway LUVed the book.)

  5. Is there a sequel to halo? If not will there be?

    • I’ve had a look online but so far I can’t find any mention of a sequel. If anyone knows otherwise, please let us know.

      J Macfadyen

    it was class reading book i read it 5 times

  7. HI,
    Halo to me was a excelarating, thrilling and exciting. I loved the idea about her growing up with centaurs and beening kiddnaped and meeting a guy called leonidas.

    i love the idea about the greek mythology and the gods and It shows women were treated second classed citizens in ancient Greece and people had to struggle to just survive.

  8. OMG, I dont usually read books because I cant get past the first few pages but this book was amazing from page 1 (although it took me 4 weeks to read)!
    I wish there was a sequel. It would be AWESOME!!!!!!
    (Go Michael Jackson!!!)

  9. I adore this book!!!It has just about has everything a book needs! Humour, adventure, intrigue, sad bits, everything!!!! I give 1000/1000. Trust me, it deserves this!

  10. i loved the book
    at first i found it hard but then it got all exciting and i could not put it down.i read it 3 times in a row. now i have a reading assignment
    and guess what book i choose HALO!!!!!
    best book in the world and i must read lionboy.oh and does anybody know if there’s a sequel if there isn’t there needs to be.
    omg got to go and read it again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i just can’t rate it it’s totaly of the charts.
    (there’s probably a thousand spelling mastakes soz)

  11. Duh i loved it
    read it again
    ( leon and halo so need to get marred)

  12. I just love halo and when i found out that there wasn’t a halo 2 i was upset and SO WANT TO ASK ZIZOU CORDER IF SHE COULD WRITE A SECOND BOOK!

  13. At first I found it difficult to get into the book I don’t know why so after reading the first few chapters I put it down. Then one day with little reading material I decided to dive into Halo again and persevere. And I am so glad I did. I soon fell in love with the story and the timelessness of Ancient Greek mythology of which has always been a passion of mine. The way that Zizou writes is truly beautiful. The sentences were short and precise, detailed and descriptive. It was almost like reading a long piece of poetry. I lost myself in the twists of the story as the different scenarios took me deeper into the magic of Greece. Halo herself was a strong, lovable character and her journey of finding herself was something I could relate to. Leonidas, the dashing young Spartan caught my attention very early on and I loved his charisma, sarcasm and disguised care and attraction to Halo. However I found it hard to accept some of his morals and the ethic code of the Spartan. Their budding friendship made for a delightful development in the story so I was obviously saddened by their separation and hoping that there would be reuniting of the two characters. However I quickly became distracted by the matters at hand especially the happiness of finding many of the things that Halo has lost. Overall this tale of fantasy, freedom and finding yourself had me spellbound. I loved it so much that I had to finish it in my own little Zakynthos so it could feel like I was finally there with the characters. This book as even made me want to visit the real Zakynthos so badly. Easily one of my favourite books and I wish I that Zizou will one day write a sequel. It isn’t for everyone’s liking but I definitely fell in love with Halo

  14. I love this book, it’s my favourite I just wish that there was a second

  15. I absolutely loved this story. It took me a while to find it but I was very impressed. I would’ve loved a sequel. I want to know what happened with halo afterwards and see where her relationship with her ‘human’ would take them both

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