Goliath by Tom Gauld

Publisher’s blurb

Goliath of Gath isn’t much of a fighter. Given half a choice, he would pick admin work over patrolling in a heartbeat, to say nothing of his distaste for engaging in combat.
Nonetheless, at the behest of the king he finds himself issuing a twice-daily challenge to the Israelites: “Choose a man. Let him come to me that we may fight. If he be able to kill me then we shall be your servants. But if I kill him, then you shall be our servants.” Day after day he reluctantly repeats his speech, and the isolation of this duty gives him the chance to banter with his shield-bearer and reflect on the beauty of his surroundings.
This is the story of David and Goliath as seen from Goliath’s side of the Valley of Elah.

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24 comments on “Goliath by Tom Gauld

  1. Cover is nice, the book is very witty and brilliantly illustrated.

  2. I’ve read this whole book and it is great.
    It has weird humour, but it’s really funny.
    The pictures are good and it is creative 😉

  3. Interesting cover think it will be a really good story.

  4. I’ve read this whole book and it is great.
    It has weird humour, but it’s really funny.
    The pictures are really well illustrated and the cover is nice

  5. This sounds good Konner, I too will read it. Wonderful.

  6. I’ve read this whole book and it is great.
    It has weird humour, but it’s really funny.
    The pictures are really well illustrated and the cover is nice

  7. First impressions: Very interesting front cover, with a good font and interesting blurb. From all the comments above, it sounds great, and I will definitely read it.

  8. I like the front cover, I think it will be a good read

  9. This title certainly won’t take you long to read – it is a graphic novel. The pictures are very simple and the story is a reworking of the biblical David and Goliath tale, told from Goliath’s point of view. Although it looks very childlike, it is actually quite thought provoking. I didn’t think I would like it at all but I found myself warming to it as I read on. Only the second graphic novel I have read.

  10. Read it. Read it now. It’s wonderful.

  11. Goliath is a great twist on the biblical story, “David and Goliath”. It show what Goliath, the giant, may have been feeling before his ‘big fight’ with David.
    It may be a short graphic novel/comic book, but it was a real intriguing story. I will look at Tom Gauld’s other books, and I would recommend this to other young people

  12. Goliath – Tom Gauld

    – This is a very short book but it is still very good. It is repetative at the start but the book gets exciting (in it’s own way) It doesn’t take that long to read but when you do read it there is definitely a re-readble factor involved as at first if you are only interested in the graphic you can easily stroll back and focus on the writing (if that’s your thing). Anyway, the book kicks off with Administrator Goliath being told that he will be the warrior that will end a running stalemate, which he has no choice but to accept, (despite his best interest not to). The book is very short and not much to review without giving anything away so here it is,
    If you have a free half hour or so pick the book up and read it, you will not be disappointed!!

  13. Goliath was a joyful read, it was quick and very easy going. There is a simple, strange humour to the book and its characters that I as the reader enjoy very much. The very simplistic illustrations in this graphic novel bring a nice charm to the novel. Very good, ten out of ten!

  14. The cover gives the impression that the story is going to be really simple and it is a really simple story, it is quite short but a good simple 15 minute read. It has a really weird ending but it suits the bizzare format and story line.

  15. The illustrations were very quirky and there wasn’t much reading involved, it was really only pictures which would be good for a younger child. I thought it was a good twist to the original “David and Goliath” I thought it was also quite humorous through out, I had expected it to be a more detailed book though with much more to read but not every one likes lots of words. I would describe it as “short and sweet”.

  16. The artwork was really nice and the story was a good twist on a classic

  17. Good cover , amazingly illustrated overall a great book

  18. Good front cover very well illustrated brilliant story line would recommend it to any of my friends quite short but still a very good story to read I give it a 10 out of 10 overall rating :]

  19. The cover is cool the illustrations were amazing I read it in 15 minutes because it was mostly pictures. I liked the book because it told the story from Goliath’s side of the story and how he didn’t want to fight but he was forced by the king to join the army. So all in all its a very interestingly quirky book that is very short but packed with excitement and a great twist to the real story that everyone knows.

  20. I didn’t really enjoy this book, found the storyline quite boring and the artwork wasn’t very detailed along with the story itself, then again this isn’t the type of story that intrests me, but i am looking forward to reading code name verity.

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