Somewhere else by Sandra Glover

Publishers’ blurb

Part detective story, part gripping psychological drama, this is a fast-paced read with a convincing set of characters and an original storyline featuring one girl with two identities but which one is real?

Zan is worried about his sister Jade who doesn’t seem to recognize family and friends. Even more disturbing, Jade insists she’s Janet Bailey – a girl from another time and place. This must be the result of Jade’s recent horrific ordeal, mustn’t it? But if it’s Post Traumatic Stress then why are her memories of being Janet so utterly vivid? And will they ever be able to get the real Jade back?

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3 comments on “Somewhere else by Sandra Glover

  1. Somewhere Else by Sandra Glover
    This book is about a girl called Jade that she thinks she is called Janet. She has been through a horrific ordeal as she was attacked by a man one night walking home. Ever since, she has believed she is someone else and can’t seem to remember anything of her real life. She tells her brother, Zan about stories that are from her Janet life. She refuses to believe her parents, Zan and even the doctor that she has post traumatic stress. Will Jade remember anything to bring her back to reality.
    This book has the themes of crime and like-life. I dont think the book was for me as crime and lifelike stories are not things I enjoy.

  2. I have started to read a book called somewhere else and i really enjoy it so far . It’s about a girl who dosen’t know who she is . She thinks she janet but people call her jade . I am looking forward to finishing this book.

  3. I have this book at home and actually reading it for the second time now.
    I think the cover of the book here is interesting. My book has a different one: With two girls (looks like ghosts) walking on a dark path.

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