Dead men don’t talk by Catherine Forde

Publishers’ blurb

Alan’s not pleased about his mum moving in with her boyfriend. So he claims the best room in the new house: the loft. But it contains an unwelcome guest – who has a message he needs to listen to.

Hard hitting and angry in tone but with a sensitive message underneath, Dead Men Don’t Talk captures Alan’s immense rage following the death of his father and how, helped by something rather supernatural, he begins to come to terms with it.

Catherine Forde speaks directly to teenagers in this simple written but powerful story

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Interview with Catherine Forde


5 comments on “Dead men don’t talk by Catherine Forde

  1. Dead Men Don’t Talk
    Catherine Forde

    The genre is horror.

    A boy his sister, mum stepdad move into a new house that is quite old and his dad has just recently died. The boy hates his stepdad so he picks the big room at the top of the house that has a lock and no other rooms on the floor other than a toilet. It has a hatch in the room and the boy hears noises coming from the loft but tries to ignore it and not look at the the hatch that leads to the loft. he unpacks his stuff and goes downstairs to try to explain to his sister about the noises he has been hearing. When he goes back up to his room the oicture of his dad, his mum, his sister and himself has disapperared. The boy gets really freaked out and tells his mum and stepdad that they can have the big room. The stepdad goes into the loft and finds the missing picture. The boy’s sister thinks it was their dad letting them knnow he is happy for their mum and her new partner but the boy disagrees and says it was his dad trying to teach him a lesson about being selfish, cheeky and rude towards his mum, stepdad and sister.

    The book was okay but I think it would have been better if it was longer as it was a very short book it just seemed to start and then suddenly finish.

  2. I thought “dead men dont talk” by Catherine Forde was an ok read with a good storyline but was a little too short.

  3. I thought that dead men dont talk was ok to read but i didn’t like it that much. It would not be a good read if you were not into reading that much. i think this book is more suited to younger people if the language got tonned down

  4. “Dead men don’t talk” was an okay read, but i think the stroyline was very dull and boaring. It was so predicable… and it was too short

  5. i think dead men dont talk is an ok book but the book is too short
    i think this book would appeal to younger readers

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