Running on the cracks by Julia Donaldson

Publishers’ blurb

A thrilling corkscrew of a novel that twists and turns weaving several strands of story into one compelling narrative, and the first novel from an established and bestselling picture book author for younger readers. Orphaned after the death of her parents in an air crash, Leo runs away from the aunt and uncle who are looking after her and makes her way to Glasgow to search for her grandparents. Rescued from the street by Mary who takes her in to join her collection of strange friends cared for by the community psychiatric nurse, Leo needs all the help she can get with her search.

Findlay’s in trouble too, but he’s determined to help Leo in any way that he can. But someone out there is also after Leo. Can the children outwit their pursuers if they can remember not to step on the cracks?

Further information

Julia Donaldson’s website


7 comments on “Running on the cracks by Julia Donaldson

  1. Running on the Cracks
    it is about a girl who runs away from her uncle
    it is a bit boring but also interesting

  2. Running on the cracks by julia donaldson is a fast paced and exciting book but the start I thought was quite slow but all in all it was entertaining

  3. In this book orphaned Leo runs away from her creepy uncle. She stays in an old lady’s house where she meets Finlay, another main character in the book. Leo spends a lot of time in the book trying to track down her grandparents. However, at the same time Leo’s uncle is closing in.
    Running on the cracks succesfully and effectively protrays the theme of friendship.
    It was an exciting book and i enjoyed it greatly

  4. Leo goes to Glasgow to find her grandparents. On her journey she meets Mary who gives her a place to stay. She also meets Finlay who helps her find her long lost family. But her uncle is also tracking her family to tell them to reject her. Her uncle is devastated when they accept her. The characters are fun and wierd, they are really interesting to read about.
    I enjoyed the book because it is fun and adventurous to read. I would recommend it to others.

  5. I think that this book is quite good its a bit boring to start but as you read on it gets more exciting. Leo goes on the run to glasgow in search of her grandparents, she meets lots of new people on the way and some people she would rather not have bumped into. I really like it in the end 🙂

  6. Whos finlay?

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