Bang bang you’re dead by Narinder Dhami

Publishers’ blurb

It seems like just another day at school, then Mia’s world turns upside down. School is being evacuated. Rumour has it there’s a gunman in the building. And Mia has a horrible feeling she knows who it is and, if she’s right, then she may be the only one who can save her schoolmates… Her brother has been acting strangely. He’s been threatening to do something drastic, something frightening, and something that cannot be ignored… but just how far will he go? Mia is determined to find out, but playing cat and mouse with a potential killer is a very dangerous game…

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6 comments on “Bang bang you’re dead by Narinder Dhami

  1. I really enjoyed this book but it did take me a while to get into but once i did it was really good.The storyline and twist was amazing and was really unexpected.

  2. Wow! When this book gets going, it really flies!

    Mia relies on her brother Jamie to cope with her mother’s mental health issues, but now he’s demanding that they take matters into their own hands and force people to pay attention to their problems.

    So when the firebell rings, Mia knows Jamie has something to do with it…

    A great read, with a brilliant ending.

    Jennifer Macfadyen
    LRC Manager
    Our Lady’s High School (Motherwell)

  3. Mia’s school get hijacked by a gunman and Mia thinks it is her brother. She stays in the school risking her life to find out who the gunman is. She end up in hospital and she tells us her brother died when they were born.

    Mia is shy and doesn’t stand up for herself. Jamie is an aggressive person and is not very friendly. Mum is strange and does stupid things but she loves her children.

    It is an exciting book. It is interesting and appeals to teenagers like myself.

    I would recommend it to all.

  4. this book was really good and everyone would enjoy it, i dont want to tell any of the story lines because i will give too much away,

    this book should be in the shortlist in my opinion.

    byeeeee x

  5. Heyyy x:)

    I couldn’t believe the ending 😐 !
    I can’t say what you’re gonna have to read it for yourself 😉
    Its about this girl called Mia, she has a mum who is depressed, she gets bullied she has a twin called Jamie too.
    And then theres a gunman in the school :O:O:O!!!!!!!
    How scary would that be ? She thinks it was her brother…………………………………….


  6. Mia is a shy quiet girl who is sufferring as her mother has health issues making her cry or throw tantrums at her and her brother Jamie, but Mia doesnt know what to do about it so she tries to get help in every way she can, but Jamie seems to be going off the rails and thers nothing Mia can do, but when an alledged gunman comes into the school Mia thinks she knows who it is and has to stop him.

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