Cracks by Caroline Green

Publisher’s blurb

I’m shaking all over. My brain feels like a computer whose hard drive is full. I can’t take any more weirdness – I haven’t got room in my head. I look around the kitchen and I know something is different but I can’t put my finger on it.”

Cat’s discovering that his life is not as ordinary as he thought. That’s scary. Particularly when it seems he’s the very last to know. He needs to find out the truth – but, with lies, danger and deceit on all sides, is there anyone he can trust?

A powerful futuristic thriller from an exciting new writer.

Further information

Caroline Green’s website


14 comments on “Cracks by Caroline Green

  1. The front covet really makes you want to read it. I have not fnished it yet but it is really interesting. I can’t wait to read on.

  2. The cover looks good and makes you interested.

  3. Seems intriguing. Looks like a good book.

  4. First impressions
    Looks really good. The blurb is very intriguing and makes me want to read it. The front cover makes it look really good.

  5. An interesting futuristic thriller. Cal awakes from a 12 year coma to find himself imprisoned in a research facility. He discovers that he has been implanted with a chip created from part of another teenage boy’s brain. He escapes his prison with the help of an organisation by the name of TORCH and has to adapt to a violent new world. Will he be able to discover where he comes from, who he really is and be reunited with his family. You will be routing for Cal to beat the esatblishment on an exciting and at times brutal journey through a future version of the UK.

  6. When I started reading cracks I was thrown straight into the story, leaving me thinking and asking questions.There is no ridiculously long build up to the story introducing every character and there back story, we are straight into action. In my opinion the plot was confusing and I wouldn’t recommend it.

  7. Fast paced and good but confusing. Lots of plot twists

  8. From the very start of the book I was intrigued. The book has a great story line and leaves you asking questions straight away. The characters and setting are introduced simply and you are thrown straight into the action. The plot was slightly confusing but well pieced together, would recommend it to anyobne who likes an exciting story line.

  9. I haven’t read all of the book so far. The front cover attracts you but I feel just now that the book is boring and doesn’t really grab your attention to read on.

  10. at first, I found “Cracks” to be a fairly slow, however, after a few chapters, this proved not to be the case. I found it to be similar to “The Matrix” and “the Bourne Identity,” due to the concept of living another life without knowing it. When this concept was uncovered, the story was gripping, however through some areas of the novel, i found myself losing interest. I would recommend “Cracks” to anyone who enjoys a challenging plot line and to think outside the box whilst reading.

  11. To be honest, Cracks wasn’t up to my first expectations, it was far below them. It was confusing and the plot twists were rubbish. Sorry for my harshness but it’s how I feel.

  12. the cover looks interesting

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