The bride’s farewell by Meg Rosoff

Esther turned once more to Pell, with a slow smile. ‘And you? You left home to seek your fortune?’
‘I left home on my wedding day.’

Publishers’ blurb

On the morning of her wedding, Pell Ridley creeps out of bed in the dark, kisses her sisters goodbye and flees – determined to escape a future that offers nothing but hard work and sorrow.

She takes the only thing that truly belongs to her: Jack, a white horse. The road ahead is rich with longing, silence and secrets, and each encounter leads her closer to the untold story of her past. Then Pell meets a hunter, infuriating, mysterious and cold. Will he help her to find what she seeks?

With all the hallmarks of Meg Rosoff’s extraordinary writing, The Bride’s Farewell also breaks new ground for this author, in a nineteenth century, Hardyesque setting. This is a moving story of love and lost things, with a core of deep, beautiful romance.

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Meg Rosoff’s website

Interview at Spinebreakers

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4 comments on “The bride’s farewell by Meg Rosoff

  1. Mmm, strange one this. I’m not sure that I agree with the blurb “deep, beautiful romance” – Pell is very down-to-earth, battling to make her way in a man’s world, through terrible poverty and the relationship which blossoms with the hunter is very low key. The main theme of the book is Pell’s love and sense of responsibility for her siblings, her devastation in losing them, her trials to be reunited with them and her desire not to end up in a marriage od convenience. This book is not filled with the coincidences which pepper Fallen Grace and the story follows a more realistic route to it’s conclusion, whilst still tying up all the loose ends.
    I wasn’t sure I was going to enjoy this book but it is a much more satisfying read than the cover suggests. I’d recommend it to anyone who likes historical adventures just don’t expect too much romance.

    • I must say i do not agree with you Mrs MacDonald! The blurb sums up the book immensely! In my personal opinion i would recommend this book to all book lovers out there 🙂

  2. In my opinon The Brides Farwell was not what the blurb made it out to be. I think that the book was quite boring at times and i got bored really easily while reading it. Some parts were good though and i liked how mysterious it got. I though Pell’s adventure got really boring after just a short while but i would recommend this book to people who like adventure.:)

  3. I loved the sound of this book so I’m going to go and read it ! It sounds really good!!!!! :):):):):):):):)

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