The Keepers’ Daughter – Gill Arbuthnott

Publishers’ blurb

Ten years ago, Alaric, leader of the Shadowmen, killed many of the Keepers – the teachers and bearers of ancient knowledge – threatening his barbaric rule. Now rebellion is flaring up in the Archipelago again and the Shadowmen are out hunting for Keepers once more. Fourteen-year-old, Nyssa, and her uncle, Marius, descendants of the Keepers, must flee, but there is a greater reason that Nyssa is in danger: on her skull is one half of a strange tattoo, three lines of writing in a strange unintelligible script, the Lege of the Keepers. Her search for the other half of the script begins, leading her down a dangerous path from which she may never return.

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4 comments on “The Keepers’ Daughter – Gill Arbuthnott

  1. Book Title: Keeper’s Daughter
    Author: Gill Arbuthnott
    Publishers: Chicken House
    School Name: Greenfaulds High School
    Genres: fantasy/adventure

    What The Story Is About:

    Nyssa is a girl who lives with the man who took her in when she was a toddler, when the strange man Marius, who is a regular, grabs her one day and pulls her back. She’s confused at first, and is even more confused when she finds out that he is her uncle. He tells her that they have the same tattoo, the tattoo of the Keepers, and the leader of the Shadowmen, Alaric is looking for her. Unbeknown to Nyssa, he has her twin brother as a a slave, and she and her friend travel with Marius, along with a circus at one point, hiding from the Shadowmen. She steals her brother, who appears to be a mute, but is in fact too traumatised to speak. At the end of the story, Alaric dies, and Nyssa gets to leave with her brother.

    This book was ok, but i did find it confusing and hard to keep up with at times, because it moved onto many different plots quickly.

  2. I thought the book “The Keeper’s Daughter was interesting it took awhile to read it. It was about a girl called Nyssa. She didn’t grow up with her parents or anyone – all she had was the man who took her in. Then she found herself on the run but she didn’t undertand why she was running and what from.

    I think you should read it because you will love it. It’s adventurous and mysterious and magnificent.

  3. i loved this book so much but i had read it ages ago. i t is an excellent book and the author should be known more. i am only 12 years old and this is the best book i have ever read which sounds sarcastic or unrealistic but i am telling the truth xx

    • I totally agree with you. The Keepers’ daughter is one of the best books I have ever read and Gill Arbuthnott should be more popular because she is a brilliant Author. I found the book gripping and captivating, NOT long and boring. The Keepers’ Daughter is definately worth reading because when you are reading it you are in a completely different world and Gill makes you believe that every thing is actually happening (she makes it very very very realistic).

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