Angel Dust by Sarah Mussi

Publisher’s blurb

Would you move heaven and earth for the one you love?
ANGEL DUST is a powerful, gritty and utterly modern tragic love story with a twist. When Serafina, the brightest and most beloved of all God’s angels, is sent to collect Marcus Montague – the original badman – and take him to Hell, she finds herself powerfully drawn to him and makes a decision that places her in the middle of a war between Heaven and Hell.
Can Serafina fall in love without falling from grace? Can Marcus’s soul be saved? And just who is the mysterious and ever-so-helpful stranger Harry?

Further information

Sarah Mussi website


6 comments on “Angel Dust by Sarah Mussi

  1. First Impression
    Looks alright, bit creepy though. Blurb makes it sound interesting.

  2. seems like a good book and the blurb makes it sound quite romantic.

  3. First impressions: A really weird front cover and blurb, however, it does make me want to read it a bit more to see what it is like.

  4. was strange at first but once you read more of it it’s a good book and is a good story

  5. first impression : haunting and mysterious.

    good for the misunderstood

  6. The book was great and i thought it was interesting.
    I think it took a while to get into the book but when i continued reading i got into it so much more. The story line of the book i found a little confusing to follow but she was a great author.

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