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Accidental Friends by Helena Pielichaty

Review by Louise Cunningham, St. Aidan’s High School

Shortlisted for the North Lanarkshire Catalyst Awards

Shortlisted for the North Lanarkshire Catalyst Awards

‘Accidental Friends’ by Helena Pielichaty is a book about four teenagers, two boys and two girls, that meet by coincidence on the day they go to sign up for college courses.

Emma is the main narrator of the story as is set further in the future as she tells the story of how they met and what happened to each person.

James is an ex-perfect student who failed his exams for a bet and was sent to live with his insensitive sister, Imogen who shows a clear dislike for him.

Grace has a young child named Tia to look after and she struggles to get back on her feet after Tia’s father, Tom breaks up with her when she goes to visit him at university.

Leon is a young man led into a life of petty crime and is angry with the world after being split up from his best friend Fazal. After that, Leon becomes determined to commit a crime severe enough to get him sent to a juvenile delinquency centre so he can be with Fazal again.

Helen PielichatyThe whole story is based round the game ‘Consequences’ as, throughout the story, the characters must learn to deal with the resulting consequences of their actions and still remain friends.

At the beginning of the story I was intrigued by the contrasts between the four characters but as the story developed I started to lose interest. This doesn’t necessarily mean it was a bad book, it was well written and Helena Pielichaty described characters and places very well. It’s just not the kind of book I would normally read.

I would probably recommend this book to girls in their teens because it seems to be the kind of book most girls in that age group would enjoy. That’s not to say that some boys won’t enjoy it, they probably would, it just seems to be aimed at a more female audience.

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One comment on “Accidental Friends by Helena Pielichaty

  1. I thought this was actually the best book out of the four nominated books. I think Accidental Friends should have won.

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