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Catalyst Award 2014 – Voting Open

It’s time for the young people of North Lanarkshire to cast their votes to decide the winner of the Catalyst Book Award 2014. Votes can be cast in high schools or public libraries throughout North Lanarkshire, between Tuesday 27th May and Monday 16th June 2014.

Ask your local librarian for a voting slip and have your say!


One comment on “Catalyst Award 2014 – Voting Open

  1. When I was given the choice as to which book I wanted to read first I couldn’t help but chose Conguring the Infinite. I made this choice because I felt that there was a feel of mystery about the book. The cover also really caught my eye too, and I could tell just by looking at it that it was going to be a book for teenagers and I really felt I would’ve enjoyed it, and I was not disappointed once I began to read. I usually like books with either a love story or with a twist. I often just went for something which seemed a bit different, like Twilight for instance. Once I had finally began to read Conjuring the Infinite I couldn’t help but never want to put the book back down. I kept edging myself on and on, ‘one more page then I’ll stop for a while I would tell myself but it never happened. I enjoyed the fact that the characters in the book I felt were mainly around my age which made it easier to become connected with the characters and try to understand them and get into their mindset. I would definitely recommend everyone, especially teenagers to give Conjuring the Infinite a chance because I would guarantee it will be worth it. I couldn’t help but become tangled up in the mystery and excitement of the book. Kirkland Ciccone is a very much amazing author and I really, truly believe that he deserves my vote and also to win for all his effort to writing such a sucessful book in my eyes.

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